It all starts with CalWin Basis, but after that you can choose the exact mix of modules for your business. Each module is listed here along with it's features.

CalWin Basis is the foundation module in CalWin.

The module does not depend on the other modules and may be used completely on its own. All standard functions can be carried out in Basis, as can all tasks connected with quotes, order registration, all product work, prices and calculations. There is also full freedom to print out reports and create special reports.

As well as being an independent and fully usable module with rich functionality, Basis is the real brain in CalWin. This is where all parameters applying to the whole installation are entered .

CalWin Basis provides access to the underlying functionalities employed during day-to-day work using CalWin. The basic data for all products are built up here and this is where all current data on customers, terms and conditions and other relevant information are held.

CalWin is developed for Oracle databases and that gives extremely good performance and scalability to even the largest multi-location enterprises.

Key functionality available in the basis:
  • Definition of basic tables for customer, suppliers, payment terms, product definitions, items etc.
  • Definition of Windows and Door products with options sets, restrictions, and its composite components.
  • Definition of fittings and how they affects components
  • Calculations. Advanced Bill of Material facility handling all the typical challenges for this industry. Wages can also be defined very precisely on a per work area basis.
  • Very flexible and efficient user interface, with per user customization possibilities.
  • Reporting with a package of standard reports, and access to the built in report tools for adjustments on standard reports or to create new reports. This gives you quality documents like quotes and order confirmations out of the box
  • Quotation with calculated prices (Price List is an optional module).
  • Converting quotes into orders with a simplified production calendar.
  • Flexible and powerful searching for quotes and orders.
  • Easy re-calculation of costing and pricing when changing an option at quote/order level.
  • An open architecture for EDI messages to and from CalWin based on XML. All data that can be delivered or consumed electronically is well defined in XML schema, and CalWin can map to any desired format.
  • Possible with advanced customization of business logic via a script language.
Using CalWin Basis as the starting point, a comprehensive collection of modules can be put together in a CalWin solution that fully covers all current needs and wishes.
Main CalWin Screen The main CalWin overview screen - easily filter for what you want
Design Screen The simple design screen is incredibly powerful

Quote management Screen Manage your quotes - spend more time on the right things
Mailmerge screen Create campaigns and mailmerges easily
CalWin Sales and Customer Follow-up is the CRM element which has everything necessary to undertake professional and regular follow-up of quotes, orders, projects and customers.

You have full oversight over all documents linked to quotes, orders, outgoing invoices, projects and customers. If desired, it can also cover incoming documents. CalWin Sales and Customer Follow-up may also be integrated with Outlook.

CalWin Sales and Customer Follow-up may also be used to send out letters to a selection of customers. Keywords and other criteria may be used to make flexible choices. All mailings and activities are stored for subsequent follow-up.

CalWin Sales and Customer Follow-up does not aspire to be anything other than it is, so it only has the functions that most organisations need to administer and follow up their sales and marketing activity.

Therefore CalWin Sales and Customer Follow-up is not only inexpensive in relation to most alternatives, but is also much easier to learn and take into daily use! Functions
  • Follow up all types of activity regarding quotes, order and customers
  • Notification when logging in of quotes that has passed their follow-up date, and needs attention.
  • Preview of customer reports (statistics etc.) in the customer screen
  • Diary with summary oversight of own activities and activities of colleagues
  • Assign keyword(s) to customers and contacts for later use in mail shots
  • Mail shots - mail merge
  • Logging and access to all documents in CalWin linked to quotes, orders, invoices, activities etc.

CalWin Word Quotes makes it possible to send an ordinary CalWin quote to a dealer in ordinary Word format.

The dealer can open the quote in Word and can adjust prices with mark-ups and discounts, so that the dealer’s price and the total amount of the quote replace the manufacturer’s price.

The quote to the end customer is printed out with the dealer’s logo, so that the manufacturer’s name does not necessarily appear.

Once the mark-up and discounts have been registered, the document is converted into a standard Word document that can then be edited with additional information including new product lines from the dealer’s own range. It is a very simple and effective aid for facilitating and furthering cooperation between the manufacturer and the dealer. No program other than the almost universal Word is required and there are no special knowledge requirements. So getting started is quick, simple and cheap.

CalWin Word Quote can make the sales work more efficient both for the manufacturer and the dealer, thus enhancing sales prospects.

  • The manufacturer creates an ordinary CalWin quote and sends it to the dealer by email as a Word document
  • The dealer opens the quote and works on it in Word
  • Opportunity to add the dealer’s mark up
Design Screen A word quote allows retailers to add a margin

Design Screen
Design Screen
CalWin Price List is a valuable supplement to the calculation function in CalWin.

Several price lists may be built up in this module for different requirements, e.g. customers and groups of customers. Consequently it can be operated using different prices for different markets and to different customers, without much manual work and follow up being required. There are no restrictions on the number of different price lists that can be set up.

The price lists may be linked to all types of products and are used by CalWin during entering of item lines, when quotes or orders are being registered. When the product in the item line corresponds to a price list product, the price is retrieved from the price list. For other products the price is drawn from the calculation.

CalWin Price List simplifies pricing, so it also makes the work involved in registering quotes and orders easier. Price setting takes place automatically and efficiently; simultaneously the pricing of new products can be evaluated and adapted individually using CalWin's calculation function. At all times an overview is provided of the real margin on the product or the whole order.

In this way the firm’s earnings may be influenced continually through sure and effective management of list prices and flexible and tailored pricing for other products.

CalWin Round and Arched Windows - with this module there are no restrictions on the geometric shapes of windows, doors and profiled recesses in doors that can be constructed using CalWin.

Regardless of whether products with round and arched shapes are selfproduced, or whether these products are bought in from others, they can be registered in CalWin and thus go onto the relevant document with a drawing and specifications, like any other product.
Curved Doors Curves take seconds to create
Star Window Cutting lists and measurements instantly available

Purchase order screen The main purchase order management screen

Purchase order Purchase order and item lines
CalWin Purchasing controls your purchasing as much as your sales.

It can either be used as an independent purchasing module, in which purchase orders are registered manually, or in combination with CalWin Requirement Calculation, which can create purchasing suggestions in the purchasing module. The module may also be used in combination with CalWin EDI Purchase, for electronic communication with suppliers, and with CalWin Purchase Invoice.

The module simplifies the purchasing functions in the business and gives a good overview of all aspects of items ordered and received. br />
In addition to purchasing traditional items, CalWin’s Purchasing module can handle configured product like window, door, glass, fittings with specifications etc.

Purchases (orders) may be sent to suppliers in different ways i.e. e-mail, by fax or by post and can immediately be followed up and monitored in CalWin. Eventually it can be sent electronically via CalWin EDI Purchase. Functions
  • Create manually registered purchases
  • Register confirmation from supplier
  • For purchases created for fulfilling a sales order, the status and reference is available from the sales order
  • Immediate follow up and overview of all purchases and items received
  • Printouts of orders and purchasing summaries
  • Record items received
  • Supports any currency
CalWin Purchasing can be used in conjunction with the EDI Purchase and Invoice Receipt modules.

EDI Purchasing allows you to send purchase orders directly into your suppliers' systems

The purchase order is created by CalWin as a file which as well as ensuring rapid despatch and receipt, saves work and time at several points in the chain. This also provides maximum security against errors.

CalWin Electronic Purchasing uses the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) architecture in CalWin and therefore is total open for any required data format. This brings electronic invoicing to all in the industry who require it, right now. If new formats are needed, it is easy to adapt and can be done outside CalWin by standard off the shelf software systems (XML mapping).

  • Define an unlimited number of EDI profiles. An EDI profiles determine data format and the communication
  • When a customer is assigned a EDI profile, it will automatically receive EDI the next time the purchasing procedure is run
CalWin EDI Purchasing requires CalWin Purchasing to be installed.
Glass EDI example Creating a glass EDI file - a click of a button

Supplier Invoice ScreenSupplier invoice approval screen
CalWin Purchase Invoice contains the functions for receiving and checking incoming invoices that apply to purchases that have been generated or recorded in CalWin.

We also find here the routines for allocating accounting references and transferring invoice information to an external accounting system.

The functions in the module contribute to more secure checking of invoices against items received as well as providing a good facility for re-use of the information later on. The accounting work is carried out in the Purchase Invoice module, with consequent rapid updating of postings and the amounts of transactions in the financial system afterwards.

  • Record incoming invoices
  • Check against items received
  • Post accounting entries to accounts software
CalWin Purchase Invoice requires CalWin Purchasing to be installed.

CalWin Stock Management records all movements to and from stock, and maintains quantities in stock for every item.

It also tracks live information about quantities on order and in production or purchase. All this on an unlimited number of stock locations.

CalWin Stock Management includes a very easy to use, but advanced stocktaking facility. It has support for an unlimited number of stocktaking areas. So you can stock take the same item at several areas.

In addition to handling normal items (raw materials), this module opens for stock holding of constructed products— windows and doors. So when a operator enters a product that match a defined stocked product, he will be notified and given the option to either pick it from the stock or produce it.

  • Maintain stock levels for raw materials and products (windows and doors)
  • Counters for:
    • Quantity in stock
    • Quantity in order (outbound—sales order)
    • Quantity on order (inbound—sales order)
    • Quantity in production (inbound—stock order)
    • Quantity available (free)
  • Unlimited number of stock locations
Design Screen Overview of stock, balances, incoming and outgoing.

Demand wizard A simple wizard to tell you what to order Design Screen Reasons given for each suggestion - you remain in complete control
CalWin Requirement Calculation module enables automatic calculation of the requirement for raw materials, semi-finished items and finished products.

Timely ordering of required items is assured using CalWin Requirement Calculation, and production goes as planned, because the necessary raw materials and other merchandises are always in place when required.

Because it is CalWin that monitors the Requirement for items, purchases may be limited to those items that will be used within a short time. So the stock balance is optimised, which in turn means reduced storage space and less tied-up capital.

When CalWin Requirement Calculation is used in combination with the stock and purchasing modules, a complete stock and purchasing function is achieved that ensures good oversight and minimal and cost effective stocks.

  • Creates suggestions for purchases of raw materials based on minimum/ maximum stock level
  • Creates suggestions for stock orders of finished items and semi-finished items on minimum/maximum stock level
  • Creates suggestions for purchases of items not usually stocked
  • Create suggestions for purchases of items with variant. That is items that is not stocked, and is dependent of the nature or measure of the component it derives from. For example size and form of glass or length of fittings like espagnolette
  • Suggestions can be altered and/or rejected manually

CalWin semi-finished items has functions for managing production and stocks of components that are to go into one or several finished products.

The module provides an overview of semi-finished items in stock, thus providing the basis for purchasing or producing such items. This contributes to optimised production of finished items and to shorter delivery times.

Used in combination with the CalWin Stock Management module it provides a complete view of the entire stock balance, what has been reserved for orders in hand, what has been ordered, when the items will arrive in stock and how many semi-finished items are in stock or in production.

CalWin Semi-Finished Items is very flexible and its setup and use may be adapted to meet varying demands and wishes.

  • Managing the stock of components
  • Handling the surface treatment of components
  • Handling various degrees of processing
  • Automatically use semi-stock items when available
  • Possible to manual override the use of semi-stock items on a per item line level
  • Quicker production of finished items
  • Shorter delivery time
  • Overview of stock balances of all types
  • Increased profitability
Design Screen Semi finished items appear in the bill of materials and are taken from stock

Batch Plan The batch plan overview Production report A manufacturing report - any combination of data is possible
CalWin Production is a powerful and flexible tool that enables functional planning and execution of all production in the firm.

CalWin Production utilises all data such as products, orders, raw materials etc. and other current information found in CalWin, and forms the basis for efficient and optimal production.

Every installation (all setups) can be adapted to various requirements and wishes and the production plan can be adapted in a very flexible way to existing staff levels and production equipment.

CalWin Production utilises and combines all current data quickly, efficiently and securely. This saves the manufacturer a significant amount of manual work. Shorter throughput time and better utilisation of capacity can be achieved, and precision of delivery is improved.

  • Definition and setup of batch plans
  • Order lines will automatically be placed on the right batch based on the configuration
  • Can produce batch summaries, with a facility for starting, stopping, closing and finishing batches
  • Prints out reports and batch summaries
  • Transfers data to machine lines
  • Standard cutting lists

CalWin Capacity gives full overview of the production and delivery capacity in the firm.

Having this tool in place provides full control over capacity and work load at selected production points in the factory.

CalWin Capacity makes it possible to utilise capacity to the full. This increases earnings and achieves the shortest possible delivery time.

The capacity module in CalWin is the most important production planning tool. Active use of the facilities provided to utilise production capacity can have a direct effect on the earnings of the whole firm.

  • Define work load groups, work areas and staff plan
  • Define work load distribution
  • Define bottlenecks
  • Select production and delivery date from the capacity plan when setting up an order
  • Possible to get suggestion for the first available production date. Delivery date and customer date can also be suggested on basis of settings on the carrier
Capacity Module See exactly where your bottlenecks are

Checkpoint Screen The checkpoint screen can be customised to suit
CalWin Checkpoint enables you to check and follow up on production at an unlimited number of checkpoints in the factory.

Basically it’s a Online Production system that can replace paper.

Acknowledgement at the checkpoint may be done automatically using bar codes or RFID, or by PC-based manual registration at each checkpoint.

An internal message can be passed from one checkpoint to the next, about current conditions that are important for production or for the product. Important messages to production can also be entered by operator at item line level.

With CalWin Checkpoint you gain a rapid overview of the progress of production and it is easy to give precise answers to telephone enquiries, without having to involve other employees and without having to go through the production areas to locate the product or order in question.

CalWin Checkpoint saves time, contributes to production being overseen better and leads to better service to customers.

CalWin Checkpoint is very flexible and can be adapted to your methods, so that its utility value is optimised in each individual case.

You can define as many or as few checkpoint areas as you need.

CalWin Machine Link takes care of the transfer of all necessary production information to the firm's production machines.

CalWin contains all the data required to be able to produce any product that has been entered. These data can be processed, sorted and specially adapted for any production machine delivered by any recognised manufacturer or supplier.

Modern production machines have their own advanced control systems that instruct and govern the machines. CalWin Machine Link is the connecting link that can communicate with all types of production machines for window and door production.

CalWin Machine Link is flexible and support a broad range of formats and machinery.

  • Define and develop unlimited number of Machine Link projects.
  • Execute Machine Link projects from production batches or specific orders.
  • Optionally Machine Link projects may be run integrated with the machinery via CalWin Server.
  • Flexible SQL based data/part retrieval and mapping to defined telegram.
  • Script language for advanced data manipulation and calculation.
  • File output to any defined location supported by the OS, or delivery as attachment in an e-mail.
  • Output to multiple destinations and formats simultaneously.
Supported output formats:
  • Homag
  • SCM
  • XML
  • Dbase
  • ASCII: Fixed length and delimited.
  • INI-file
  • Access (97 and 2000)
  • Oracle tables
Use of CalWin Machine Link requires CalWin Production to be installed and in use.
Machine link module Define the output to any machine or EDI system
Machine link test output Export at the click of a button

Design Screen The bar optimiser shows exactly what to cut
CalWin Bar-Optimisation provides for maximum utilisation of length-based raw materials by optimising cutting.

CalWin Bar-Optimisation does this planning the cutting sequence of components on bars to minimum possible waste.

The module provides for offcuts of more than a certain length being marked and stored for future use. CalWin BarOptimisation remembers these pieces next time and suggests them when they can be utilised efficiently.

CalWin Bar-Optimisation reduces waste during production to the absolute minimum and thereby contributes to better financial outcomes!

  • Maximum utilisation of timber lengths
  • Minimal waste
  • Increased profitability
  • An extension to CalWin Machine Link with all its advanced facilities
To use CalWin Material Optimisation the following CalWin modules must be installed and in use:
  • CalWin Production
  • CalWin Machine Link

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is an incredibly powerful emerging technology in this industry, and CalWin supports both reading and writing of RFID tags.

The reading and writing process is handled by a third party software called CrossTalk from noFilis (see http:// CalWin integrates seamlessly with CrossTalk. That means that a checkpoint screen can receive RFID readings and act accordingly. For example by displaying the right product and even sign the checkpoint as started or finished.

Normally a RFID tag will contain a serialnumber, and then CalWin will ensure that a RFID tags never will be signed twice. This is a advantage compared to barcodes.

  • Define RFID tag content. That is—how the data in the tag is organised
  • On the Checkpoint Profile, define which RFID reader to receive data from, and what to trigger. A reading will always show the connected product, but can also trigger signing of checkpoint and printouts
  • Define RFID tag writing
RFID RFID is the next step beyond barcodes

Design Screen Consignment notes can be tracked
CalWin Consignment Note simplifies and automates paper-based shipment routines and makes them more efficient.

Current data in connection with shipment are transferred direct from CalWin to the carrier. If printed consignment notes are wanted, these can be produced automatically. Consequently all manual work is avoided, the process is quick and the risk of error is eliminated.

The customer receives direct notice of shipment by email can keep himself updated on transport and arrival time by accessing the tracking information.

  • Automatic creation of consignment notes as part of the delivery routine
  • Create consignment notes that are not linked to shipping (only linked to orders)
  • Print out labels, consignment notes and collection lists
  • Obtain acknowledgements from carriers
  • Transfer consignment notes to carriers electronically
  • Send notices of shipment to customers by email
  • Freight data is transferred automatically to the carrier, saving manual work and eliminating errors
  • Consignment notes are printed out automatically, saving staff time

CalWin Deviation Management is a flexible tool for recording all forms of deviation/rework in production and administration.

Deviations may arise in any organization, manufacturing process, procedure or routine. Some deviations do not necessarily have significant consequences, while others may lead to large losses or inconvenience in the form of delays and financial loss.

Frequent large deviations can be very expensive and it is therefore important to prevent them from happening.
The deviation module can to a large extent be adapted to individual wishes and needs. It can carry out dependable and effective recording of deviations, which in turn can also contribute to improvements and efficiency gains.

When entered, a deviation record may include the reason, plus suggestions for measures to prevent the deviation happening again. Systematic recording and follow up of deviations avoids delay for both the manufacturer and customers. The manufacturer can make great savings and avoid large extra costs by systematically recording deviations. Better and more professional customer service is achieved at the same time.
Design Screen Analyse where you're losing costs on defects

Design Screen The invoice wizard can create all invoices in 1 step Invoice Invoices can be any design you want
CalWin Invoicing is a complete invoicing module and has all the functions and facilities expected of a class-leading invoicing solution.

Because the basis for invoicing is already present in CalWin, the result is a particularly efficient, labour-saving and secure invoicing package.

The module has all the necessary functionality to cover all invoicing and credit note eventualities, such as ordinary invoicing of items delivered, partial invoicing, on account invoicing, group invoicing etc.

As well as being linked to a customer, all invoices may also be linked to projects or groups of companies. They are easily accessible for future reference, for use by the sales department and for formal follow up.

The CalWin Invoicing module is capable of replacing other invoicing systems. When invoicing is carried out in CalWin, which already contains all the background information, the need for corresponding functionality in the accounting system is reduced and most CalWin customers are able to use a simpler and cheaper financial system than would otherwise have been necessary.

  • Invoicing of delivered or part-delivered orders
  • “Wait until completely delivered” function
  • On account invoicing
  • CCredit notes

CalWin Electronic Invoicing delivers direct electronic invoices into your customers computer system.

More and more of our customers have received requests to send their invoices electronically to their customers. The invoice is delivered electronically directly, or via third party message partner, to the recipient’s purchase or ERP system. This avoids potentially costly manual procedures. 

This module uses the EDI architecture in CalWin and therefore is total open for any required data format. This brings electronic invoicing to all in the industry who require it, right now. If new formats are needed, it is easy to adapt and can be done outside CalWin by standard off the shelf software systems (XML mapping).

  • Define an unlimited number of EDI profiles. An EDI profile determines data format and the communication method
  • When a customer is assigned an EDI profile, it will automatically receive EDI invoices the next time the invoicing procedure is run
  • Design Screen Transfer EDI from your invoice journal entries

    CalWin Server is a set of software services available from CalWin meaning you can develop your own solutions which link directly to CalWin.

    This avoids the headache of having to maintain data in two or more places. Some examples are time and attendance systems, machine breakdown logs. Even CalWin webshop was developed using CalWin server.
    CalWin server API

    CalWin Webshop allows remote users to configure windows via the web.

    You can set the options available per company / user so this is perfect for installers, agents or retailers. They can set their own margins and print quotes for their customers. The quotes are created live so there is no need to transfer data or double-input. Best of all you can create new sales at a minimal overhead.
    Webshop Screen

    CalWin Multi-Location is a unique solution for businesses with several locations for production, stocks or sales.

    Whether everything takes place within one legal entity or whether there are various legal entities. CalWin is therefore just as suitable for the very biggest manufacturers with many units and users, as it is for smaller, stand-alone factories with a few users.

    A sales location may just function as a sales outlet and all item lines must be linked to a production site or be sold from stock. A production location may use the current production models in CalWin, through item lines being placed in batches at the chosen site. />
    As many locations as required may be used. The system can be set up with different functionality for each location. An order may consist of items that are produced at several locations, with automatic internal invoicing between them. Shipment may go to the customer direct from the manufacturing unit concerned, or the items may be collected in one place for simultaneous shipping of all order lines.

    Each location has its own numerical series for quotes, orders, invoices, purchases etc. As a starting point, the various locations do not “see” quotes, orders and purchases from other locations, but there is substantial flexibility in the setup here as well.

    CalWin Multi-Location is a very advanced solution, which takes care of all data flows between the units, provides for maximum utilisation of all spare production capacity, administers shipping and monitors all inter -company financial affairs between the units.

    The firm’s management receives all relevant information from a single system, which facilitates speedy and correct decision-making.

    There are no limits to the number of locations or the number of users in such a solution. The Oracle database that underpins the solution ensures quick and secure handling and storage of all data.

    CalWin Multi-Location replaces solutions that normally have to be assembled by combining several partial solutions. By drawing all important business operations together in a single solution, time spent on operation and data exchange is saved, central information is concentrated in one place and the system handles all data traffic seamlessly without the need for integration solutions and data exchange.

    • Define several production locations
    • Define several sales locations
    • Register orders with products from several locations
    • Place orders in locations with spare capacity
    • Coordinated or separate shipping to the customer
    • Consolidated invoices to the customer
    • Automatic internal invoices between locations
    • FacilFacility for a common statistical base

     With CalWin Language all outgoing information can be written in an additional language, so that customers in other countries receive quotes, order confirmations, invoices etc in their own language.

    CalWin can be delivered with various basic languages: English in English-speaking countries, Norwegian in Norway, Swedish in Sweden. All prompts and command line texts in screens, standard reports and system messages will be shown in the basic language.

    This is because a facility is provided in CalWin to translate all relevant texts to as many languages as may be required, including product names and information, text in forms etc. (This translation work must be taken care of by the manufacturer.) >
    This module is necessary for all those who work with customers in other countries, and it makes it possible for all customers, regardless of which country they are from, to receive all documents from CalWin in their own language.

    • Facility to translate all texts about products and variants, so that the complete product description is multilingual