User friendly and flexible
software for the window and door industry

View what you need,
when you want it.
Pick all your options
in one screen.
Schedule Production.
Pick your completion date
with total control of your capacity.
Financial Control.
View your costs,
set a discount or margin
and watch CalWin work the rest out.
Stock Control.
View stock level,
automate purchase orders
based on max/min levels.
Powerful Webshop.
Create realtime quotes,
print them off
no extra admin.
Easy Pricing.
Price per size, per option
or both
or just go with margin.
Better business. You win.

CalWin can transform the way you do business. Take a look around the modules to learn more. Here are a few of the key benefits :

Designed always with users in mind, screens are easy to use.
  • Shortcuts and filters show exactly whats going on at the click of a button.
  • Your settings are remembered just for you.
  • View as much or as little as you like.
Throughout the whole sales process from estimate to invoice, CalWin can tell you anything you want to know about what's going on in your business.
  • Sales / quote pipeline
  • Margins
  • Manufacturing capacities / bills of materials
  • Stock levels
  • Purchases outstanding / required / received
  • Full / part deliveries
  • Full / part invoices
  • Multi locations possible
  • Limitless reporting
Technical quotes and orders direct to CalWin from the web.
  • Full design functionality
  • Retail
  • Installers
  • Remote workers
  • Full EDI possible
  • Sales with no additional admin
Built using the world's largest database provider - Oracle.
  • Solid
  • Fast
  • Scaleable with your business
We offer a complete set of services to take you through the whole process.

With the benefit of being modular, CalWin can be tailored to your needs, so whether you're a company of 10 or a multinational, you get the parts you need and not those you don't.

We can provide the following services which we believe will help guide you through from your initial requirements to using CalWin as smoothly as possible.
  • Business analysis / process mapping
  • Network and hardware configuration
  • Project management
  • Installation and configuration of CalWin
  • Machine CNC integration
  • Documentation
  • Technical training
  • Online support
  • Remote upgrades
At CalWin, we listen to our customers and are committed to developing it for their benefit - customers requests are built into frequent new releases so they can stay ahead of the competition. This comes at no extra cost.

The journey doesn't end there - we're proud of our commitment to support and can easily help you with whatever questions you might have. We can check your installation or set up examples for you remotely.
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