About us
CalWin AS is the wood products industry's own IT company and is owned by leading firms in the industry in Norway. The company was established in 1985 to develop an IT solution for window and door manufacturers and today we are the leading supplier of IT systems to this industry in Norway and Sweden.

We are located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK and Ålesund on the west coast of Norway. The major part of the work on our main product, the IT solution CalWin, also takes place here.

CalWin AS is characterised first and foremost by its thorough knowledge of the industry. We have in-depth knowledge of windows and doors and are regarded as skilled and experienced advisers and consultation partners for manufacturers and other players in the industry.

In the UK, Simon Mallinson is the agent for CalWin software. He has 18 years experience in IT at the highest level, having worked for the Prescription Pricing Authority, the Automobile Association and Fujitsu. His experience throughout these companies ranged from senior systems specialist, team leading and project management. In addition to this, he has over 7 years experience in working with timber windows and doors at Allan Brothers (part of the Inwido group) as the UK IT manager.

We believe that Simon's extensive experience of the joinery industry as well as IT provides the perfect mix to help you implement CalWin seamlessly into your business.

CalWin Development
We offer IT solutions for customers’ present needs and wishes, and solutions that most customers have not yet identified a future need for. Therefore we are always a step ahead of express desires and requirements. Customers will always be able to find new functions and new facilities that make them more efficient and profitable. For more than 25 years, CalWin and CalWin AS have provided customers with a first class IT tool to make them more competitive.

It is vital for us to have open channels to its customers. Only then can we know what customers want and need. And it is customers’ wishes and needs that decide CalWin's development. So we ask our customers, we listen to them and we prioritise customer wishes in our development work.

Every year, CalWin AS commits large resources to the development of CalWin. We invest heavily in adapting ourselves to new knowledge and new tools. We work with our customers, look out into the future with them and regularly develop new versions and generations for them. That was why we were established in 1985 - and that is why we have the same objective today.

Support Services
Calwin AS is committed to being easily accessible to provide help and support in connection with the use of CalWin. Requirements differ, so we use several channels.

The CalWin portal is used to register requests, report faults and to check the status of logged messages. This is the main channel for support from us and it is a straightforward and reliable means of obtaining support that is not time-critical.

Email may be used as an alternative to the CalWin portal for individual matters that do not require formal case handling and as a means of supplementing and following up essential communications.

Telephone is used to communicate time-critical requirements that need to be dealt with immediately.

Netviewer one2one makes it possible for us to share the same screen with the client over the Internet. Those involved view the same screen and can talk to one another on the telephone at the same time. Remote control rights can be given to both parties, thus achieving improved efficiency of user support internally and externally. This saves the customer time and money. Netviewer one2one requires no installation at the customer end and it gives stable communication, even on slow lines.